DD Dental Lab Services

CAD CAM Crowns

SMLS crowns

Metal Free Ceramics

IvoclarVivadentE max2400
Laminate Veneer
Inlay /Onlay

Metal Ceramics

ExecutivePremium - Regular & Economy
Metal Ceramic crowns
Metal with Ceramic facing
Addition of Gingival Ceramic
For Executive metal ceramics vacuum pressure casting is done

Miscellenaious Crowns

Full metal Crown CERAMIC METAL)
Acrylic Crown (temporary)

Acrylic Dentures

BPS dentures
Upper & lower CD
Upper or lower CD
Teeth set extra
BPS logo will be provided only if the BPS principles are followed


Since 2001, offering Total Dental Care

ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified

X Ray & Lab attached

In house Pharmacy

24 X 7 Emergency care

Highly sterilized service

Sprawling 2,500 feet wide area of the clinic

Patients get the best of both the worlds

Excellent care by qualified professionals

Entire range of dental equipment of globally acclaimed quality

Efforts to educate patients on dental wellness practices are undertaken

Continually adapt to latest technology and adopt evolving techniques